Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Girl

Chloe decided she didn't like her hat and gloves that she had from last year. Luckily we end up at the store quite often so I let her pick out new ones. Chloe is very opinionated and often times it just isn't worth the struggle with her to hash this kind of thing out. She will wear clothes-that is what is important. They usually match too. Sometimes she even has to have coordinating underwear! LOL! She doesn't care when I explain that no one will see them except her and I. She let me take a few photos of her in her new hat, gloves, and boots. I think she looks pretty darn cute. The new pants are a little big. Oh well.... :)


Sharing Life and Love said...

Just came over from the Block's Blog and had to tell you that your Chloe is too too cute!!!

Jonni said...

She is such an adorable little sweetheart. Chloe is so cute Beth! Hey, I was just thinking about you guys and hope things are progressing well for you. I think I may have some time soon to redo your blog. Want to send me some ideas on colors, etc.? Thank you for your lovely Christmas card. I put it right in front on the mantel. Take care sweetie. :)


Lesa said...

That is so cute. Who knows one day she may be designing runway clothes.

Jonni said...

She is just so sweet Beth! Hey, I was thinking about you and was just wondering if you would like me to give you a blog redo or a new blog. Let me know okay. Hope you guys are doing great.