Monday, December 14, 2009

Funny Chloeism

I am so silly....
Posing for the camera
Chloe and her gingerbread house

Today Princess Chloe was in rare form. Sometimes in the morning she likes to play on I will let her for a little bit while I clean and get ready for the
day. Today I hopped in the shower really quick. As I was getting out I heard something fall to the floor. I knew it wasn't Chloe per say because it wasn't that loud. I called down to her and she said everything was fine (which I just knew wasn't). Quickly I put on my robe and went to check out the commotion. Princess had gotten down my gourmet M&Ms and eaten all of them, painted her right fingernails with a red marker, put about $3 in change in the printer, and eaten a Toblerone bar. This is all in the span of about 10 minutes. I said to her, "Chloe! I can't trust you down here for even a minute by yourself!" She looked up at me so casually and said, "Well.....I just didn't know any better."


danliz said...

Oh have your hands full! She is a character that one.

Warm Regards,


Chris said...

Ok - I really enjoyed that post - she's a stitch!

Jonni said...

OMG, girl, that is so funny. Love your Chloe!