Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Princess has snored since we came home from China. It is so loud. Finally we took her to the ENT and he referred us to the allergist. Her tonsils are fine but her adenoids are enlarged. We went Monday and they did some allergy testing. They used the scratch tests and we had to wait in the office for about 20 minutes for the results. I was so glad Matt was with me. Trying to keep her occupied for 20 minutes (with her shirt off-which she did NOT like) would have been difficult. We played with rubber bands, lip gloss, and colored on paper. She did pretty good. We could see she was reacting to something because one of the marks was getting red and raised. Chloe started complaining that it itched and suddenly broke out into song. How fitting when she belted out, "Oh....what you do to me...." from the Plain White T's. LOL! Turns out she is allergic to mold-the kind that grows in dirt. Can't do much about that! The allergist didn't think that was causing her snoring so we're back to the ENT next week.

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