Monday, November 30, 2009

Miss Personality

Can I be silly? Well....of course!!!!
Pucker up and give me a kiss!
This is my serious, reflective pose....
Look out people.....Stand back! Chloe has arrived!
Oh yeah....I know I'm cute!

A few weeks ago I took the kids to a forest preserve for our annual fall photo session. They walk around and I take tons of photos. The kids are all good sports about my fanatical posing and snapping. I took these photos of Chloe. I didn't prompt her or anything. She just starts to strike these funny poses. She is so comical and I think it shows almost all the time.

On a side note I wanted to share a little story about how sweet she can be too. Last night I stayed up really, really late scouring the grocery shopping ads for the week. My newest obsession is super couponing and I am on a mission to save some mucho money. When the coupons all started blending together I decided to go to bed. It was probably pretty close to midnight. Chloe was fast asleep already in our bed. I crawled in and she sat straight up! She looked at me all wide-eyed for a second. Suddenly she blew me a kiss!!! She laid right back down and started snoring again. LOL! I don't know where it came from but I'll take it. Usually she wakes up all cranked. Definitely not sunshine and rainbows for sure. Matt and I just looked at each other and laughed. It was too cute!

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Twice Blessed China Mom said...

I'm very impressed with your super couponing! You rock, girlfriend!