Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Great Day!!!!

Strike a pose!

Today we had our one year follow-up with the pediatric cardiologist. We made the hour and fifteen minute trek into the city all the while Chloe was listening to the Taylor Swift music Daddy downloaded to his ipod for her. When we brought Chloe home from China she had a small VSD in her heart. We knew this when we accepted her referral. She did great for the echo and other tests. A few times she started to get nervous and whine a bit. The staff was wonderful and you could tell they really have a heart for kids. *Wink Wink*
When the echo was done the doctor walked in and said that he had been watching in the next room on his screen. He then asked, "What have you been doing? What have you been feeding her?" Huh? Then he said the most beautiful thing, "Because it's gone!" I almost started to cry. It was very emotional. It is GONE!!! She had a 40% chance that it could heal itself and it did. He seemed a bit surprised and said to us, "I wish I knew the date this happened." Me too, because we would be having a nice celebration.
Chloe's VSD was never going to require surgery and she didn't have any health restrictions. It was something she could have lived her entire life with and never had a problem. I just loved hearing her heart was whole and healed.
Tonight we were laying in bed with her helping her fall asleep. She leaned over and said to us, "Momma....you make my heart so happy and Dadda....you make my heart so happy too!" Oh man, that really brought tears to my eyes!


Amber said...

That is wonderful news! I got teary eye reading it. Dave and I are so happy for you guys! You are always in our thoughts and prayers..

Our Journey To Eden said...

Wonderful News!!!!!! So happy for all of you!

Your daughter is stinkin' cute!!!!!

danliz said...

Great News! And happy birthday to Chloe!

Chris said...

That's precious, Beth.... and such amazing news from the dr!

Jane said...


Lesa said...

I'm so thrilled for you guys! Chloe sure has grown and is so darn cute!!

We had our sons echo done Thursday last week and the doctor said he has two small holes from his VSD and he thinks they will correct themselves too. God is so wonderful!

Jonni said...

Such wonderful news. I am so happy for Miss Chloe! And I am so happy that she never will have to worry with that.

Also, the pics of Chloe are so beautiful and love the hat.