Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Monday, August 4, 2008

My Goof Balls

Use the force Chloe-use the FORCE!

Robot Jacob

How did he get this thing on his head?

Jacob and Chloe are really starting to bond as brother and sister. She loves him almost all the time-except if he is cuddling too much with Mommy. She gets a wee bit jealous and certainly lets him know. He has come a long way too. He rarely tells us that he wants us to send her back to China anymore. If she is sleeping he is usually disappointed and wants her to wake up and play with him. If they are apart he misses her and wants to see her too. They do gymnastics together in the living room, wrestle, and play with the playskool toys together. My hope was that they would be close enough in age that they would enjoy each other's company and that seems to be the case.

Video of the Giggle Monster

This is video I shot after I took the photos below. Ryan had her laughing so hard! Her laugh is just infectious! Chloe is just adorable and Ryan is so wonderful with her. Actually, we are so fortunate because all of the kids love her and she loves them. It seems like we have always been a family. It is sometimes hard for me to believe we have only known Chloe for a little less than three months. She just fits right in with us!

Giggle Box

Yep, I'm so cute!

Ryan, you are hilarious!

I am laughing so hard my stomach hurts!

The culprit!

Chloe cracks us up! She has the funniest laugh and her brothers can really get her going. Here are some photos that I took when Ryan was making her laugh.