Sunday, May 25, 2008

Here is some video of Rachael and Chloe playing the piano. Chloe seems to really enjoy singing. She sings when she is at the piano and she was singing in the car earlier this week when the radio was playing. It drives Jacob a little crazy in the car and he asks her quite frequently to be quiet and stop touching him. Siblings......

First Tea Party

I wonder if we should start ballet soon?

Entering Our Home for the First Time

Everyone Loves Chloe

Of course, our girl went to everyone-Granny, Grandma Ruth, Grandpa Bob, Uncle Tim, Uncle Bob, Aunt Dee Dee, Grandpa Mark. She was just adorable!

Chloe is Home!

It was wonderful arriving home. We were greeted by Grandpa Bob with pizza. Granny had grocery shopped with us and arranged the cute sign. Grandma Ruth and Grandpa Mark (along with Uncle Tim) got us home. Uncle Bob, Kelsey, Kylie, and Kylie's friend came by with a gift and Uncle Tim, Aunt Dee Dee, Claudia and Dylan stopped over. It felt so good to be in our home, drink tap water with ice, and breathe fresh air! Chloe was adorable meeting her new family too.

Princess Chloe arrives home...

We were prepared for anything when it came for Chloe and our ride home from the airport. Honestly we expected this screaming and crying fest for an hour or so. Uncle Tim pulled up in the minivan and I put Jacob in one car seat and Matt put Chloe in the other. That is when a miracle happened-She LOVED it! I have never heard of this in my China circles. We joke now about why wouldn't she like it? She likes just about everything. She acted like, "Finally, now I am riding in STYLE!"

Meet the Newest Johnson-A US Citizen

Here are two photos of Chloe just as we were getting off the plane. As soon as her little feet touched US soil-she was a citizen. We felt a little haggard from our flight but it was wonderful to experience this monument in her life.

The Last Two Days in China

Friday we spent most of the day packing and shopping for last minute souvenirs. In the afternoon we took a 40 minute bus ride to the US Consulate to get Chloe's visa and take her oath of citizenship. It was quite a drive and seeing the city was interesting. The consulate was on the third floor of a newer building. We actually took escalators to get there and had to pass through security. There were about 40-50 families also there ready to do the same thing. The longest part was waiting for everyone to arrive. For security purposes we couldn't bring our cameras.

We left early on Saturday morning-5:40 am to be exact. We ate our breakfast on the bus while we drove to the airport. Our flight for Beijing left on time and was uneventful. We enjoyed McDonalds at the airport in Beijing. Funny, you can substitute a cup of corn for fries! Just to show how inexpensive things are in China, a family of six ate for less than $15 US dollars! Our flight for home left about 30 minutes late. It was long and tiring but also uneventful. We did get a complimentary upgrade to Economy Plus. That was such a blessing! Chloe did pretty well. She didn't want us to hold her when she slept-impossible....

We landed almost and hour early and passed through immigration and customs without a problem. Grandma Ruth was waiting for us and Uncle Tim drove us home. It was wonderful to be back but we will miss China.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Chloe Loves The Pool!

Here is some video of Chloe, Matt, and the kids. They are swimming in the pool here at the White Swan. The water was cold and we wouldn't let her stay in very long. She was quite upset when we made her get out! Her little personality is really starting to come out. She sure lets you know when you make her mad. She was yelling at Matt earlier today and stomping her feet. She really told him off! It is cute now but in a couple of years it probably won't be.

More Photos

Here are a few more photos from the other day.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Photos of the Kids

More Photos

It was nice that we took a photo of the group after our red couch picture. Jacob didn't really want to cooperate but it is nice to have a photo of all of us anyway.

Princess Chloe

Here is our Princess Chloe! Mommy couldn't resist the purple outfit with the ballerina skirt. All she needs is her crown! It is hard to see, but she has matching purple silk squeaky shoes. When the kids walk in the shoes the squeaky thing in the heel makes noise. To answer your question, yes-you can remove the squeaker. :)

The Suzhou Cuties!

We made sure to get a picture of our Suzhou cuties together. That is Chloe on the left, Sara in the middle, and Bei on the right. Bei is really shy and maybe slightly intimidated by the beautiful girls next to him. Sara and Bei seem to know each other well from the orphanage. We speculate that they may have been in the toddler room and Chloe in the baby room. It is adorable to see Sara and Bei interact with each other. We are looking forward to our first reunion already!

Red Couch Photos

Yesterday we took our famous "Red Couch" photos in the lobby of the White Swan. It has become a tradition to purchase traditional silk dresses for the adopted children to wear for the photos. Anyone that had done this before can attest that at least one child is not happy. Our girl did great. She is the one on the couch in the purple (far right). She was in diva form as she sat for her photo shoot. Poor Timothy, Nina, and Lilly really didn't feel like having their pictures taken. It was still fun and we will treasure the photos always.

Our Visit to the Buddha Temple

We went to the Buddha Temple on Tuesday for a blessing for the babies. In this life, you can never have too many blessings. The grounds were beautiful. There was a large pagoda in the middle. Our guide told us that every Buddhist Temple has to have at least one pagoda. There were beautiful fountains too. It was very interesting to see how other people express their religious beliefs.

And the Award for Parents Of The Year......

Well here are photos of Chloe enjoying her first Chips Ahoy cookie and first bowl of ice cream. I think that successfully takes us out of the running! Ha! Ha!

Since we weren't there for a lot of Chloe's "firsts" we are creating our own. I wish I would have taken a few of her on the plane. She really did so well but things were so crazy I think we should be happy we actually made our flight.